I am born in India and always have had a strong interest for arts although was not highly encouraged to pursue it due to the conditioning families, and surrounding people have in here but luckily I took an early road out  dropping out of the college, supporting myself to do what I really wanted to do and so far I am doing ace. It’s been just recent years where I have thoroughly devoted myself to doing arts and paint what really magnifies me. Classic contemporary realism blows me away.

I love to be creative and express through many mediums possible and that are available at that very moment of where the inspiration hits you, but overall I hold a strong interest towards traditional painting. My digital works portray loud emotions and bit of eccentric vigour while the oil paintings are mild and portray the subtle side of myself. I have been blessed to have an appreciative class of people around me who find my work interesting, it really is motivating, it keeps me going.

Classical feminity captivates me somehow, for woman then produced an essence of various emotions that conveyed not only the grace and beauty but also something deep and natural, something which was just given and not manipulated with an intention to achieve. I am very fascinated, very curious and the history always delights me everytime I ponder over it.

It’s just a year since I have been practicing in oil paintings and having the talent to be better at it, I am taking it slow, I am prolific yet at the same time I paint only when I feel to, I don’t try to push the flow. Mind goes on and on and on, but that’s not all really, feeling is something else as far as I know. I despise all the critical faculties put on us during lifetime. U wanna do something but a voice tells u :IT’S NOT  YOU…..so wtf?????I wanna be ME,nothing is real coz it’s all how u look at it. life’s a damn matter of point of view and more than that it’s about to keep going’ in whatever mood you are in, right? that’s art,isn’t it?????…

So about art and the MAGIC that makes it one of a kind, I can say it’s better to be a MIRROR not a PICTURE, it’s better to EXPRESS not IMPRESS, it’s better to REFLECT than to PAINT…..that’s why the best ones have been the honest ones. So I do what puts me in that place, what connects me to the greater force In myself, what helps me discover a little more about me every time I look within and at the end what makes me feel  connected.



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You can always reach me at – sejzinn@yahoo.com


Koregoan Park<br /> Pune, India 411001